What happens when a 28 year old doctoral literature candidate who rides horses, climbs rocks, and writes gets diagnosed with stage four cancer? Let’s find out.
Welcome to Ward Four.

Check out my amazing husband’s blog, The Late Process.

Also check out my equally amazing best friend’s blog, Haricot: A Boston Food Blog.

*For the record, I am horrible at checking my comments, but if you do have a question I eventually will get around to it!


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I was pointed in the direction of your wonderful blog by a friend and I just wanted to say how much I admire, above all, the honesty with which you discuss living with stage IV (honest courage…what a rare thing). My dad had stage IV melanoma, and while he approached it with (maybe slightly dark) humor and strength, we never really had a discussion about how he felt, beyond ‘How’s that nausea? Better? Good.’ It’s a damn hard thing to talk about, period. Your posts, which miraculously reject that whole ‘cancer patient’s long-term recovery as litmus test for inner strength’ malarkey and instead focus on the difficulties and joys of the here and now, are refreshing beyond words. I know that for my dad, having a beer in the backyard, walking the dog, putting air in the tires, laughing at an inappropriate joke, were as much a part of life as the absolute wallop chemo can be—and that finding an honest balance between the two takes a lot of chutzpah. So thanks. Really.

  2. this blog may have saved precious moments of my life. I have similar diagnosis, I am older, but feel like I am ready for the benediction yet. Your courage and wonderful writing have given me words where I was unable to articulate. Thankful for you…very thankful

  3. kiara, i have yet to read your blog from beginning to present and only just read your most recent post. your writing is great. this is the kind of blog i wished i could keep when i was in triple positive treatment, but worried too much about how some people might worry if i wrote everything i felt. but you should always write everything you feel and stop at nothing, and it looks like you know that. to quote stevie nicks, “well, i never did believe in time”. how long? who the hell knows. not doctors or god, assuming there is one of the latter. i’m glad that you rock climb and write and ride hoses (there is no freedom like that on the back of a horse) and even though you entertain the dark thoughts, you don’t let them have what they should never own, your spirit. i was her2+ (strongly positive in everything) 3 yrs ago with a 2 cm tumor that grew in only 5 months that i found before its little evil minions went off anywhere else. a friend said to me just yesterday “do you know how lucky you are?” and yes, i do, and try to do as much as i can in the fight against cancer to prove i know how lucky i am and possibly better the ‘luck’ of others in the future. the jury’s still out, of course, we know what a bitch her2 can be, but worrying is just wishing for what you don’t want to happen. i found your blog through your mom, who i’ve instantly declared ‘my kinda people’ based on just 2 exchanges. but my gut’s always right. and man was she right about you. you’re my kinda people too. cancer sucks, but one thing it does is bring people into your life that change it forever. i have the feeling the both of you will do that for me. – valerie

  4. Hi there! My name is Cameron Von St. James and I had a quick question for you & was wondering if you could please email me when you have a free moment. Thanks! I really hope to hear from you soon and appreciate you taking the time. ☺ cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com

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